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Reverse Logistics


We handle export and import clearance work at all ports & airports of India. We also provide export and import clearance at Far East, Middle East, Europe & USA.

Our services include:

1. Collection of cargo from shipperís nominated place.
2. Container grounding.
3. Customs examination.
4. Arrangement of material handling equipments.
5. Filling of shipping bills.
6. Customs clearance of the cargo.
7. Customs clearance of import cargo.
8. Re-packing, stamping & labelling.
9. We provide custom bonded warehousing at ports.

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ASCS offers an Online Integrated Inventory Management Software Control System which is fast and easy to use.
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ASCS News Updates
ASCS is looking for channel partners for our transportation business in the state of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan & New Delhi. Interested parties are requested to apply at cs.mum@alfasolutions.in. You can also contact our Thane office for further details.
ASCS has joined a global network named X2 Elite for its freight forwarding business at Bangkok. Through this network, ASCS is now capable of delivering directly at 100 locations globally.
Alfa Supply Chain Solutions acquired a new ultra modern warehouse at Bhiwandi outside Mumbai city in India.
Alfa Supply Chain Solutions has successfully implemented ISO 9001-2008 certification.
Alfa Supply Chain Solutions has signed a prestigious contract with L&T Ltd for its Mumbai Monorail Project.
Transport Management System (TMS) has been installed successfully.
Alfa Supply Chain Solutions will be opening branch near all major ports of India shortly.
ASCS Trade Information
Brief Background of Customs Law in India [Download]
Documents Required for Customs Clearance for the Goods in India [Download]
Duty Drawback Scheme in India [Download]
Procedure for Import & Export in India [Download]
The CARRIERS ACT 1865 in India [Download]
Maritime News service [Download]
Foreign Trade Policy [Download]
Handbook of Procedures [Download]